With its Gold offer, Tinder changes formula and touches the jackpot

tinder gold

Thanks to this new premium service which allows the user to consult the list of people who liked his profile and increase his chances of “matcher”, the application has taken off its profitability.

Increase the chances of meeting the soul mate by 60%, this is the promise of Tinder Gold, the new formula of the application of encounters. This subscription – reserved for customers who have already subscribed to the Tinder Plus pay service – gives access to all the premium features of the platform while adding a new mode, called “Likes You”. Launched around the world a few days ago, the function completely changes the use of the application. Gone with the anonymity that hid users their possible “rakes”, a Gold subscriber now has access to the names of all the people who liked his profile. By choosing only people with whom he is assured of not being rejected, the Tinder Gold user can “dredge” more strategically. This new formula, which is very popular, has allowed Tinder to become the of the App Store in more than 40 countries.

Launched in 2012, Tinder has popularized the concept of dating site. One photo at a time, the user “swipe” to the left to reject a person or to the right to indicate that they like it. If both users “love each other”, they call it a “match” and they can then communicate using integrated messaging. Tinder’s success comes from the instant and simple side of the application, helping many people to face their shyness by hiding behind their smartphones. By opening Tinder Gold, Tinder privileges its economic model to its identity. Paid users will now see all the people who have loved them, and will not have to pass the research test of the other.

Number 1 in 40 countries

Experienced in four countries since June 28, Tinder Gold would have allowed its subscribers to increase their chances of making matches by 60% on average, a figure – impossible to verify – communicated by the application. Less than a week after its worldwide release, the application has become the most profitable of the App Store in more than 40 countries, sign of the interest aroused by this new subscription. Tinder pays the luxury of exceeding the regulars of the classification like Candy Crush, Pokémon Go or even Netflix. In France, Tinder is only the third most profitable application, ahead of the Clash Royale strategy game and the Deezer music streaming service.

Since its inception, Tinder has been looking for its business model. After experiencing the advertising in the application in partnership with Facebook, Tinder has put on sale many In-App contents. Opportunities to love more people, declare a thunderbolt or go back after having refused someone by mistake, these contents sold to the unit enabling the profitability of the service. Available since 2015, Tinder Plus is a paid offer including all In-App purchases against a monthly payment of around ten euros per month. To subscribe to the new Tinder Gold offer, you must also subscribe to Tinder Plus, bringing the total invoice between 7.58 euros and 16.49 euros per month depending on the selected commitment period.

With 50 million customers around the world, Tinder hopes to make its paid offer a new benchmark for application enthusiasts. Available exclusively on iOS, the premium formula of the dating application will arrive on Android next month.


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