Unchained women’s position


Except in the early Vedic ages, the status and conditions of women in India were deplorable. The social evils like early marriages, dowry systems, devadasi system, polygamy and many other things has made the women’s condition degraded day by day.  There is no social and economic freedom. In the modern periods, life has changed for women to a certain extent and numbers of legislative measures were taken to uplift the status and empowerment of women.

But still we can find domestic violence cases even today, dowry system and dominating nature of men. Women are not given equal importance anywhere. The difference starts at home itself. Women are not given equal importance and are always treated as a less gender. The conservative nature of people has not changed since ages in the matter of treating women. To what position a women may reach, being a women she has to be a women she has to do all the work at home even if she is a working women, she will not receive any help from her husband. WHY because SHE is a FEMALE.devadasi system

The society’s nature has not changed. We may have many times heard men saying that, we are modern people with broad mindsets and not like those people in the old times, but deep down inside that conservative nature runs exactly. In the so called developing country, women are not supposed to dress as they wish but have to follow the society rules. Men would be saying we like modern culture and we would encourage women towards modernity. But a girl who dresses herself in modern attires would be only got for being a girlfriend to roam and romance for a while. But when things get serious and time comes to show the girl to mommy the category changed. For introducing his girl, to family she has to be the one who would be a traditional girl and utterly opposed modernity.

As if all these are not enough burdens on women, the eagle eyes of the men are taking women to a much more deplorable place. The incidents of abuse are increasing with each damn day. Strict rules are to be implemented to stop the violence on women. If there is at least no safety for going out then from where would women get the empowerment?

This nature of treating women, basing on their dressing style, on the profession they choose, the interests they have, has to be changed. Men should come out from the circle where they think about themselves as a higher gender, should learn to respect women and should treat them as an equal gender. Whatever the laws they may pass, or act they decree, until the day the attitude of men and the so called society which laughs in our sorrow, and feels guilty in our success, changes its conservative nature women empowerment is not so easy to achieve.


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