Swedish ministers invited Google and Facebook to Sweden

sweden minister
Sweden Energy Minister Ibraham Baylan

Three Swedish ministers today sent a bunch of letters to major US companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Adobe and Apple and offer the companies can come to Sweden.

The companies were selected after they complained about Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement made in Paris in 2015. Several of the companies have said that they alone will meet the climate agreement and help keep global warming below two degrees.

We want to make a tribute to the companies and tell them that we have the same concerns as them, and we believe that innovation and cooperation to solve the climate challenge,” said Industry Minister Mikael Damberg, who signed the letter along with Energy Minister Ibraham Baylan and climate minister Isabella Lövin, to media.

In the letters ministers write that will make it easier for companies to come and take advantage of Sweden’s unique energy system with a high proportion of green energy.

Mikael Damberg says to Swedish newspaper SvD that many countries competing for companies’ future investment, and he sees Sweden as a good opportunity, because the country according to him, is at the forefront of green energy.