Special Story: “Baba” Black Sheep…


kallaswamy_keralaOur country is competing with the world in every aspect and proving its development day-by-day, but still the superstitions are ruling around. People blindly follow and believe in the magic instead of logic. The blind belief of people is giving rise to fraudsters who pose themselves as GODMEN and loot away the people’s hard earned money directly.


Everyday a new baba comes into limelight for his supernatural powers and the next day for enjoying in the worldly pleasures. ‘If you are good at nothing in life-become a baba the chances of your becoming successful and prosperous are very high. This has become a common phenomenon these days. Vulnerable devotees lavish praise, power, and wealth on their professed baba, helping set up ashrams in the name of elevating consciousness. The dangerous trend that is causing threat to human beings is the God-men.”

A true swami is the one who is detached from the pleasures of the physical world. He may choose to lead a life of luxury as everything is at his beck and call, but he is not attached to it. He should have complete control over the elements and the five senses. A swami should be the one, who follows truth, should not steal from you, should not amass assets or political power, and should be celibate. But, where do we find such a swamiji. All our so called baba’s and swamiji’s are the ones who seek pleasures of the world, who crave for wealth and power, who fancy for bodily pleasures, who enjoy peoples/devotees frantic beliefs, who makes people do all types of nasty things in the name of enlightenment, who fool around people with their magic tricks faking them as super natural powers, who gives drugs to devotees in the name of prasadh, who organize social gatherings where intoxicated people dance to music, who would go to an extent of murders.

All the god men around us are no where related to the meaning of the word. But our blind belief is making us to listen to whatever they say and in turn flourish their business. A god-man is supposed to release you from the bonds and give enlightenment but unfortunately our so called babas tie you in the knots and narrow your thinking.


The recent incident that took place in Kerala has once again confirmed the originality of the so called Swamiji’s.  A 23 year old woman has cut off a man’s genitals who tried to sexually abuse her who has been abusing her since her she was in her 12 standard. The accused was a swami who comes to their house to perform puja’s in order to ward away the negativity from their home. The victim has called the emergency immediately after cutting of the accused genitals fearing her life. She has also told her mother about the crime before who went on with a deaf ear regarding the matter. A case was lodged against the accused who claimed to be a saint, and a case of abetting the crime on the woman’s mother.  

Even after the science is proving that the magic tricks the baba’s perform are simply logic and chemistry, people are not in a state to listen. People need something instantly and a baba is in front of them who they think as resemblance of god, promises anything they wish for. So where is the necessity for them to listen to science? Even after the scandals of many god-men come into light people are still blindly following the superstitious beliefs.

People should start accepting science and lose their blind beliefs or else they would just be falling prey to the black sheep’s like this forever.

(Special Story by Mohana Teja)