Pakistan Court allowed Indian woman Uzma to return home

Indian woman Uzma

Indian woman UzmaIndian women Uzma who claimed that she was forced into marriage with Pakistani is granted permission to return back to Delhi by the Islamabad High Court, and also seems that the court has ordered the police to provide security to her till she reached the Wagah border.

She was given back her original immigration form which her husband Tahir submitted to the court. She appealed to the court on May 12 to provide security for her journey back home and also claimed that her husband Tahir Ali forced her to marry him at gunpoint and also harassed her.  She also added that she did not know that tahir was already married and had four children.

However Tahir Ali says that Uzma belongs to New Delhi and they fell in love with each other in Malaysia. He claims that on May 1st Uzma travelled to Pakistan via the Wagah border and married him on May 3rd. Tahir countered Uzma’s claims by giving out the details of a private conversation between them which shows that Uzma was aware of his first marriage.

Tahir also presented the marriage ceremony video which proves that no force or violence is used on Uzma during marriage. The case came into light when Tahir claimed that his newly-wed wife was detained by the Indian High Commission during their visit to apply for visa on May 7th. Indian High Commissioned later responded that Uzma was staying at their premises on her own will.

During the hearing, IHC judge has asked Uzma if she wanted to meet her husband in the chamber but she refused the offer, saying she did not want to talk to him. Soon after the hearing, Uzma let to the Indian High Commission where she will reportedly stay until she’s sent back.