North Korea confirms successful launch of ballistic missile Pukguksong-2, ready for mass-production

north korea-nuclear-test

north korea-nuclear-test

North Korea has confirmed its successful launch of Pukguksong-2 missile. The missile took off from Pukchang region and flew 310 miles before falling into the waters. The missile launched was a medium-to-long range solid fuel ballistic missile which is harder to be detected by the outsiders before making its launch.

The missile which was launched on after is a land based version of submarine launched missile first tested in February which also uses solid rocket fuel. Solid fuel is like an explosive jelly, less corrosive than liquid fuel that can be stored easily in rockets fuel tank, while liquid fuel requires specially lined tanks.

Solid fuel powered missiles opt for a less infrastructure, which makes them undetectable for surveillance to pick upon North Koreas military movement. With its successful inception into Solid fuel missiles it has confirmed the missile advances of North Koreas weapons capabilities.

Now with the missile success North Korea is ready to deploy and start mass production of new medium-range missiles capable of reaching japan and major US military bases there. It seems that North Korea has speeded up its missile tests and appears to be making tangible progress towards developing an arsenal that poses a threat not only to the neighboring nations but also towards and intercontinental ballistic missile capability to reach the mainland of US.

It is also moving ahead with its nuclear weapons program as well, a symbolism of showing their power and a ready action if necessary. But North Korea claims the test was intended to check the technical indexes of the weapon system and its adaptability under various battle conditions before deployment to military units. Last year the country has conducted two nuclear tests. It claims one as a hydrogen bomb and the other test created a powerful explosion than any of the previous tests conducted before by North Korea.

The increasing nuclear development in North Korea has become a concern to all the other nations in the world. They fear the growing tensions could launch us into the next devastating war which could be World War-III and no one wants that to happen. Until and unless the power nations of the world stop to showcase its power over North Korea, Kim Jong-Un would not step back from waging a war.

Photo: Images of the launch were posted by North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun