Jewar gang raped accused caught


Jewar gang rapeThough Yogi Adityanath’s government is doing all it could for safeguarding the protection of women the recent incident in Uttar Pradesh is drawing a lot of criticism towards it. Four women of a family were gang raped by highway robbers, and shot dead a male relative who tried to save them.

The incident took place here on Thursday at the Yamuna Expressway which has become a hub for crime in the recent times. The 40 km long stretch of the Yamuna Expressway has been the hotspot for robberies and crime scene.
A family was travelling to Bulandshar from Greater Noida’s Jewar when they were attacked by the six-member robbers and was raped by them at about 1.30am. The gang has also looted away 50000 in cash and valuables, after they shot down the male relative in the family.\

A case of murder, abduction, gang rape and robbery was filed on them. Police have nabbed four of the accused here on Friday according to the sources.
The place has become the victim of watching all such crimes. Last year a women and her daughter were raped in the same way at the same place. The gang punctures the vehicles first and then forces the victims out of the car with pistols. Looting is also being down in the area. 42 robberies and 7 such incidents have been registered in the last three years.

Uttar Pradesh, with the longest road network among all states, accounts for the highest number of highway crimes in India. National Crime Records Bureau’s data for 2014 show 80% of the 84,000 such cases across the country were recorded in the state.

The police have probed into the case and have shown the result so quickly though they have arrested four out of six they were successful in doing so and the remaining will be caught soon. Justice would be done to the victims. However there should be a special probe into the case by the Yogi’s government as the incidents are recurring again and again in the same locality. Special measures have to be taken as soon as possible for cutting out such incidents growing again.

The so called politicians have to come to their senses and stop the blame game on each other. It is a situation of emergency and the one where each other can blame others for the incident.

The increasing such incidents in the society drowns us into the doubts on women safety in the country. In every corner of the country such incidents are happening every day. Politicians condemn the incident as and when happened, but forget it the very next day. Strong implementation of rules are too been established in order to protect ones mother, sister, wife, girlfriend and your daughter.


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