HBO to launch mobile game “Game of Thrones”


HBO is not without heart with fans of Game of Thrones. While it will wait until 2019 to discover the ultimate season of the series, the channel concocted while awaiting a mobile game titled  Game of Thrones Conquest, available end 2017 on iOS and Android. Players will also be able to embark on the conquest of the Iron Throne.

Build an army and kill people

This mobile game developed by HBO, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine, will make it possible to put itself in the skin of a resident of Westeros, and to conquer the kingdom of the Seven Crowns, reports the site Mashable, spotted by Konbini. For this, the players will have as in the series, really bannerets and kill all the enemies that will appear in their passage. Along the way, they will also meet characters emblematic of the HBO show, Jon Snow or Tyron Lannister.

If no specific release date has been announced, it is already possible to pre-register on the site. Ready to start the assault on the Iron Throne?


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