25 Days of Mahismati kingdom… still continues its magic


BAHUBALI2The magical world of Rajamouli is still ruling out the hearts of people. With each moving day the movie is landing as the highest grosser.  Baahubali 2 has become the first Indian film to cross the Rs 1565 crore milestone at the international box office.

It has been four weeks since the release of the movie yet it is moving on with its grand pace not being affected by the new releases people are still in the awestruck pleasure given out by the Mahishmati kingdom. As the Conclusion, is a sheer magic of terrific storytelling combined with a visual grandeur rarely seen in Indian cinema is turning it into an experience that’ll be hard to forget anytime soon.

The sceptical nature about seeing things in movies has been left out at zero % with the film. Sequels are always hard to pull off, especially when the first film has an unimaginable cult following like Baahubali does. But Bahubali conclusion has given out us a worthy sequel that knocked out of the park.

The socialist approach in the film has grabbed the audience heart. There’s so much to love about the film, even though your mind tells you that you’ve already come across stories like this in the past. Its beauty lies in the way the story is presented and Rajamouli knocks it out of the park yet again. If Baahubali : The Beginning gave us a glimpse of Mahishmathi, the second part focuses on exploring psyche of its characters and how clash of ideologies can lead to devastating results. Every expression, even if it’s a tear drop, is highlighted and the camera holds still to make us sympathise with the characters even more.

The way in which the director presented and elevated the lead women’s character is being much applauded. Though the film is a story centric and hero oriented he has presented the characters of Sivagami, Devasena & Avanthika as if we are watching a women centric film. Every character has its own distinction in the film that is making the audience to watch it again and again.

And what’s news the milestone which has been achieved by the movie of 1565 crore at box office is to be crossed by itself with its release in China.